The Challenge

The Pasion Tea & Coffee Company is a small, boutique tea manufacturer here in The Bahamas. As business grew, more and more visitors wanted to be able to purchase the company’s products once they returned home, and the owner was having a hard time manually managing overseas orders.

She needed a website that would take the workload, and streamline the process, while being functional for a Bahamas-based operation. Having worked with Thyme Online on branding projects in the past, she came to us to see what we could do to help.

The Solution

After discussing the ins-and outs of her business, we discovered that distribution and shipping would be handled out of the US, which removed a two of the three main hurdles. The last was payments – at the time, there were no local banks offering online payment solutions for Bahamian businesses.

To keep things simple, Pasion decided to work with their shipping & distribution to set up a payment center in the US, allowing us to quickly and easily deploy a WordPress based online store. With some customised additions to provide for various package sizes and shipping options, the store wnt live in 2010 and has been making the owner, and her customers, happy ever since!

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Site Features:

E-Commerce, WordPress, WooCommerce, Theme Development, Responsive Design, Custom Coding, MySQL, PHP

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