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The Challenge

Bahamas Realty was one of Thyme Online’s original clients in the late 90’s, and we were sad to see them leave us. We needn’t have feared though, as after several disastrous experiences with developers overseas, they returned to us a few years ago realising it really is “Better In The Bahamas’!

We welcomed them back, and set to work learning what we could from their past experiences so we could make sure they never had to repeat them…

The Solution

Being one of the oldest and largest realty firms in The Bahamas, the company was a perfect fit for our RealtyCORE platform. The platform provided almost everything they needed right out of the box.

We then began work on extending the system with additional functionality they had only been able to dream of in the past, integrating multiple external systems, as well as developing some entirely new ones just for them. The result is a website that not only looks great and functions flawlessly for visitors, but also has a back-end management system that powers almost all of their day to day operations.

Visit the site at: http://www.bahamasrealty.bs/

Site Features:

RealtyCORE Platform, Custom Design, Responsive Design, Custom Functionality, MLS Integration, Mapping, MySQL, PHP, Branding

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