The Challenge

This one was a little unusual – in a perfectly natural progression, a local photographer became an archery instructor and needed a website to promote his Explore Archery program to local schools, visitors and corporate groups.

We, like everyone, love a bit of Hunger Games, Avengers, and of course Let’s not forget Robin Hood, and think archery in The Bahamas is a great idea, so a new client was added to our list!

The Solution

The client’s needs were fairly simple – an informational web site, with the ability to add articles, videos and an ongoing library of ‘How To” tips for new archers. WordPress seemed to be the optimal solution, so we set to work developing a custom theme for the site, and throwing in some custom code for the article library.

By using WordPress, we were also able to link the site directly to the client’s Facebook and Google+ pages, allowing articles added to the website to automatically appear through their social networks. A great site for a great sport!

Visit the site at:

Site Features:

RezBS Integration, Custom Design, Responsive Design, Custom WordPress Development, Custom WordPress Plugin, MySQL, PHP, Branding

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